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Cloud Solutions

Today’s organizations are achieving innovating by embracing the cloud, allowing them to accelerate their business processes and drive insights like never before. Our experienced team of specialists will help guide you on the path to success with the right cloud solution that provides agility, scalability, and cost savings.

The traditional approach to IT infrastructure can have enormous restrictions on your team, whether it means taking longer to deploy new applications or spiraling data center costs to match growth. As well, many organizations lack the resources to devote fully to a cloud-based approach. Our solutions can help you reach your goals, so you have the time to focus on your business objectives.

ezy Technologies has 20+ years of knowledge and experience, providing you with the IT capabilities you need to migrate, deploy, integrate and manage your cloud environment. We’ll help you figure out our to leverage existing infrastructure investments, by either supporting a cloud-based solution or a hybrid environment. Our certified specialists are skilled at designing custom solutions that work for your needs now and in the future.

  • Private Cloud computing services hosted on your premises

  • Option to host at one of our secure data centers

  • Encrypted data back-up and storage

  • Extensive Cloud consulting services to assess and determine what works best for you

  • Security audits and penetration testing

  • Performance tuning

Flexible cloud solutions that you can put into place easily:

  • Infrastructure as a Service: Provide basic infrastructure capacity of processor, memory and storage.

  • Platform as a Service: Provide a specific operating environment to include OS, DB, middleware etc.

  • Software/Business Process as a Service: Provide ERP, CRM, eCommerce etc.

IBM Cloud Computing

Since beginning work with clients and partners around cloud computing in 2007, IBM has been focused squarely on marking the model viable for enterprise and government clients — clients that cannot compromise on security, compliance and availability. IBM’s strategy for cloud is clear: We will build clouds for enterprise clients. We will provide cloud services where there are gaps we can fill. And we will collaborate with clients to create new opportunities to reach more of the market or extend their services leveraging cloud delivery.


Connect to us for all your requirements and assessments of Cloud Solutions for your organisation. Send mail with Subject: Cloud Solutions

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