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Fintech & Capacity Building

Fintech Based Solutions

FinTech is the combination of 2 words: Finance and Technology. The FinTech evolution is characterized by a fusion of technologies that is blurring the lines between the physical and digital world. FinTech is becoming a new driving force and engine of growth for global financial markets and economies by virtue of its accelerating technological iteration, diverse participants, ever-increasing consumer base, globalized market, real-time services, generally flat organizational structure and genuine technology driven features. FinTech accelerates change and disruption due to technological innovation such as Blockchain, AI / Machine Learning, Big Data Analysis and Cloud Computing. With an average FinTech adoption rate that has doubled in the past 3 years from 16% to 33%, FinTech has achieved initial mass adoption in most countries. 

Capacity Building

Every organization today is struggling to cope up with the challenges

Key Offerings


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