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Managed IT Services

Managing the software infrastructure for your enterprise

We give you an umbrella of support for planning, purchasing, deploying and auditing the various/numerous software’s being used. It spans from the Operating systems on standalones, to Clients, to Servers. Our consultants who are duly certified from various companies such as Microsoft, Sun, CISCO, and Novell are competent to provide you the hybrid solutions which maintain your legacy solutions along with implementing the new technology.

We support enterprises LAN, MAN, WAN initiatives based on software or hardware. We can create Virtual Private Network for your offices to exchange data using TCP/IP or other proprietary solution like Citrix.

IT Infrastructure Support

A new and ‘a’ concept in infancy in this part of the world it has been seen that outsourcing is a extremely valid option for businesses. Leaving the worry of planning, running, deploying the extremely dynamic and complex world Information technology the enterprise puts all its energy into their mainline business leaving the complete IT infrastructure support to people who know the ropes.

Connect to us for all your requirements of IT services which need to be managed for your organisation. Send mail with Subject: Managed IT Services

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