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Mordernising Legacy Systems

Helping Organization and companies migrate to newer technology based appropriate solutions from the existing Legacy Systems

In the era when the world has rapidly digitized there remains a vast realm of organization which still have either old, outdated software systems which are still critical for the functioning of the organization but can be retired and replaced over a period of time.

Issues with Legacy systems

  • Operates in Silos. They have been built up for a specific purpose.

  • Technology is outdated and no support is available

  • Integration with systems and free flow of data is not possible

  • Not complying to current governmental standards and are not secure

  • The comfort level of the users on an older system can also be an impediment in people resisting changes in the Legacy systems


Key Offerings

  • System Study of the Existing Legacy Systems

  • Study of the Input and Output documents

  • Complete study of the Business logic and flow of information

  • Study of Workflow and control 

  • GAP Analysis

  • SRS, FRS and BRS

  • Development of the Appropriate solution after acceptance of the project

  • Testing and Pilot Run

  • Training and Documentation

  • Implementation

  • Go LIVE

  • Post Go LIVE support

  • If on BOT (Build Operate and Transfer) model transfer assets 

Connect to us for all your requirements of Modernizing Legacy Systems for your organization. Send mail with Subject: Modernizing Legacy Systems

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