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Software Testing

Software Testing

A software designed as per specifications, also need to function as per the planned outcome. Rigorous testing of the software solutions or any product to be implemented or launched is an absolute must. If not tested properly , the best of the products can cause pain and issues in long run.

In recent times bugs in the Software portals, Data leaks, Batteries of E-vehicle catching fire all shows a lack of coordinated Testing and QA.

Well thought off and documented tests can highlight

Flaws in the process, Security Issues, Scalability Issues and Poor Design

Undisputedly Rigorously tested products fare better in market place, are robust and highly scalable 

Key Offerings

White and Black Box Testing

The various other Testing Mechanism we can offer throughout the product or development lifecycle is as follows

Unit Testing

A group of coders are assigned the task of creating the code at unit level. These need to test on standalone mode for errors and correct outcomes. Is the First step in QA Workbench.

Integrated Testing

The Unit Tested Clean modules are integrated as per the system design and flow of data as per the set logic and rules are tested. 


Functional Testing

The integrated modules are checked for functionality and run against test cases as created in accordance to the SRS and FRS.


Acceptance Testing

Those once passing through the first three stages are checked against the BRS which documents the Business logic and validations. This also ascertains if the system is ready to be implemented or delivered to the customer.

Stress Testing

This is a specific test where the system is benchmark for optimization. How much data, response time and any issue that can be determinal to the smooth function is flagged and tested and rectified.


Performance Testing

This goes hand in hand with the Stress Testing. It can be on the front end as well as on the back end. For example systems with heavy traffic need to be using processes like sharding or load balancing for optimum use. Systems are tuned and documented.​

Defect/Bug Tracking 

It is not only important to identify defects but to also record the same in proper manner where different versions, bugs observed, solutions applied and pushed for release/integration for the development teams. This is very important and useful for measuring and improving quality. Proprietary tools and other Automated tools allow teams to track defects, measure their scope and impact, and uncover related issues

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