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Software Development

Helping software product companies and ISVs embrace technological excellence

Our unique engagement models for end user, corporates, software product companies and ISVs enable them to focus on their core business, while we take care of their technology needs, making them agile and flexible in their business.

Customized Software Solutions is a forte area for a long time, we have developed this discipline into an art which automates the business systems keeping in mind the future.


Key Offerings

Turnkey Product Engineering Services

Avail cost effective and rapid software product engineering services backed by the best combination of technologies, features, designs patterns and developmental methodologies.

On-Demand Team Augmentation

Accelerate your delivery timelines and optimize ROI by scaling your development team as per your project or technology skill set requirements.

Software Consulting

Benefit from our advisory team, who acts as your in-house technology partner to consult you around every aspect of your software solution.

Offshore Development Center

Build your own technology excellence center and direct your cross functional team as per your project requirements, while we handle all the operational aspects.

Software Maintenance & Support

Avail preventive and pro-active maintenance and support services to ensure that your software stays in line with the latest technologies and features.

DevOps as a Service

Automate and monitor your project delivery pipeline with our cutting edge DevOps practices entailing continuous delivery, test automation, budgeting and much more.

FinTech Based Solutions

FinTech is the combination of 2 words: Finance and Technology. The FinTech evolution is characterised by a fusion of technologies that is blurring the lines between the physical and digital world. FinTech is becoming a new driving force and engine of growth for global financial markets and economies by virtue of its accelerating technological iteration, diverse participants, everincreasing consumer base, globalised market, real-time services, generally flat organisational structure and genuine technologydriven features. FinTech accelerates change and disruption due to technological innovation such as Blockchain, AI / Machine Learning, Big Data Analysis and Cloud Computing. With an average FinTech adoption rate that has doubled in the past 3 years from 16% to 33%, FinTech has achieved initial mass adoption in most countries. 

Business Application Software


It is developed for the “Supply Chain management domain” harnessing the power and reach of the Dot Net initiative using Microsoft developmental tools with MS SQL Server as backend.

Designed under the guidance of Professionals of Logistics Industry with an effort estimation of nearly 75000 Man hours

  1. Ezy Jadoo® – Software for Logistics Management automates following functions

    • Air Export operations

    • Ocean Export operations

    • Air Import operations

    • Sea Import operations

    • Financial Accounting – Operational and General Ledger

    • Track and Trace

    • HR Management-Beta

    • Consolidations-Beta

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